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Hey. It’s Dante. I just did an interview with Mark from Marks Babbling.

It went slightly better than the others, I guess…

Dante: Hello Mark
Mark: Hi there, Dante.
Dante: Do you know why I’m contacting you?
Mark: As I understand it you’ve got some questions about It.
Dante: Yes, I’ve been searching for people who can help Kyle’s troubles. And you seem legitimate enough.
Mark: Gee, thanks. Nah, I guess I can understand that. It’s hard to tell sometimes. What can I do?
Dante: So ummmmmmm… How much do you know about it?
Mark: About It? I know it has many names, usually variations of “Slenderman.” I know It started haunting or harassing me when I was ten but has since apparently determined me no longer interesting and I know that people it is seen by often vanish, die, or both. I know a buddy’s shot at it at least three times with no effect and I know that it’s touched me twice, and each time has burnt like hell. After that, nothing much.
Dante: Do you know anyways to kill it? Or defeat it?
Mark: I know everyone and their brother has a theory, even those who think it’s fake. I hear people say iron kills it, no wait, steel kills it, no wait! Nothing can kill it but water can stop it! It’s all a bunch of shit. I don’t think any of us can stop, injure, defeat or otherwise impede it. I think maybe we can avoid it a bit, but that’s all. If it wants us, I don’t think we can stop it. If you ask me though, it’s the people it takes and uses that are the most dangerous. People say It has killed before, but I promise you its people are dangerous.
Dante: So you have no idea how to kill it then?
Mark: Absolutely none.
Dante: Great… Well, one last question.
Mark: Alright then… shoot
Dante: I’ve been reading your blog…
Do you feel guilty about what you tried to do to your friend Quinn?
Mark: I’m not going to even bother answering that. Until you’ve stood where I stood, saw what I saw and know what I’ve known, you haven’t got a fucking leg to stand on when it comes to judging me, especially not in relation to someone who kept me and my best friend locked up for the better part of a week and whose only explanation is “I wasn’t myself.”

I think this is over.




this didnt go too well, as well. I misunderstood the situation, I guess. I was interviewing Dom from a channel called FallBlackStar. it turns out he might not be dealing with the same things…

Dante: Hello
Dom: Hey, man.
Dante: So you’ve experienced paranormal things…
Dom: If that’s what you want to call it… then yes.
Dante: We’ll I need some info. For a friend…
Dom: Fine by me. Shoot
Dante: We’ll give all that you know
Dom: There really isn’t a whole lot I know, to be honest…
Dante: Doesn’t matter
Dom: Well… it’s pretty tall, human-ish…
Dante: I know
Dom: It wears this black mask-like thing to hide its face, I don’t know much about that one. And this thing named Thorn… and there’s another one that looks exactly like me… it calls itself “theAdequainted.”
Dante: What about that thing called The “Slender Man”?
Dom: Who the fuck is that?
Dante: You know! Tall, pale, faceless, and wears a suit?
Dom: Who in the everloving… Okay, I’ve never seen something like that.
Dante: What the hell?! I thought you know about him!
Dom: Listen, I don’t need to waste time with this shit. People I know have DIED, and you want to give me this? I wouldn’t mind helping you, but I need to figure out what’s going on with MY friends before someone else winds up getting killed. I’m done, bud.
Dom: “logs off”

Yet again…a pretty abrupt ending before i could get to the meat of it.


but afterwards I realised something. TFE commented on a video uploaded by one of his aggressors before to boast about them not having any style.


i think they might pop up again, but i have no idea.


EDIT: Well done Dante. fucking smooth, as usual. I’ll check this guys channel out though. Thanks for trying your best with these, Dante :)


Hey, guys. It’s dante. I posted a video just now on the channel about a line of interviews I want to do with other people having problems. I really hope this helps us figure out ways to survive and fight back or something.

This one was with Arron from Strangeons. It didn’t go that well and was cut pretty short. A lot of this is reconstructed from memory 

Dante: Hello
Arron: Hi
Dante: So how have you been?
Arron: Could be better.
Dante: I can see that from your videos.
Arron: Ha…

Dante: for what it’s worth, im sorry about nick. I hope you find him soon. 

Arron: thanks, I guess

Dante: As I said earlier, I’m doing these to try to help my friend kyle and myself, I guess. Ive noticed that it looks like your Jumpsuit Guy is trying to ward him off with salt like in supernatural or something

Arron: What?

Dante: nevermind…look

Arron: hm?
Dante: Before we get into this, can I ask a question?
Arron: Okay.
Dante: Are you fake?
Arron: What…
Dante: You heard me.
Arron: Your kidding me right?
Dante: No, I’m not. There’s many fakers out there doing shit like this for fun.
Arron: You think I’m messing around? I can’t believe it!
Dante: Look, I just don’t want to be wasting my time here.
Arron: I have gone through too much shit for you to say this is fucking fake. 
Dante: Can you prove it? I just need you to prove to me that you can be of help.
Arron: Hey, you came up to me! Fuck this. 
Dante: I’m sorry…but just prove it to me. before we continue
Arron: Fuck you! *logs off*

EDIT: Dante. you’re a socially defunct fuck. good job <3